Weekly Recaps

Congratulations to our overall Upper Deck Golf League Champions: Jim Cavanaugh and Bill Carlyon. It was a very close match!

Thanks to everyone for making 2018 another successful year! I hope you all enjoyed it!
Sunday September 16th is our league golf outing at Ridgetop Golf Course. We are scheduled for a 9 am shotgun start, please plan to arrive and be in your assigned carts, ready to go by that time. Everyone will play the same tees that they played all year whether whites or blues. This will be noted on your scorecard as well as your flight “A” player or “B” player. Make sure to bring at least $10. $5 for your mandatory 50/50 ticket and $5 for mandatory skins. However, you can purchase as many 50/50 tickets as you would like.
There will be hot dogs and chips at the turn, which will be set up in the pavilion.
After your round is completed, give your scorecard to Huey and you are then welcome to start cooking your steak. I have the following members marked down to bring these items:
Doughnuts – Cookie
Water – Dan Pearce
Baked Beans – Chuck Antibus
Potato Salad – Huey
Plates – Craig Bryant
Napkins/paper towels – Dave Sheck
Plastic forks/knives – Jack Durante
Mushrooms & Onions – Jim Cavanaugh
Watermelon – Larry Joyner
Once everyone is close to completing dinner, we will hold our league meeting to discuss items of concern and any proposed changes for next year and vote for league officers.
We will then recognize the league winners and award prizes for the outing. After that, we will raffle off the additional prizes leading up to the final prize…half the 50/50 pot.
It looks like the weather is going to cooperate, but mother nature can be a bitch as is evident by the biggest bitch Florence.
See you all on Sunday!

Week #19

Well well well, you never can tell what is going to happen in this league. Congrats go to the second half champions Jeff Mason and Adam Kieffer, who will play Jim Cavanaugh and Bill Carlyon (CARLION) in the league Championship on September 10th. Jeff will be on vacation on September 3rd so the final result will have to wait a week. One point of clarification, handicaps are adjusted for the championship as follows: everyone’s last seven scores will be taken into account, the highest and lowest scores will be thrown out and you get 90% of your remaining handicap.

September 3rd will be our Two Man scramble. Each man will throw in $5, $10 per team, on whichever nine holes you decide to play. The best score will take all the cash. There is no schedule for next week, you can pick the team you want to play against and the nine your want to play. This can tend to be a cluster fuck, so make sure you know which nine you want to play and tee off when your foursome is ready!

Our league outing is Sunday September 16th, I have been reiterating this fact throughout the season, so no excuses for not knowing the date. It is at Ridgetop Golf Course right between Wadsworth and Medina on route 57, google it if you need directions. We normally tee off at 930 am, but plan to be there a bit early to partake in the bloody mary ritual as provided by Mike Cotterman and anyone who dares to challenge his bloody mary product. Also allow time to review the rules for the day and plan to be there until 5 pm eastern standard time.

Now for last week’s results:

Long Nine Greenies:
#2 Mike Cotterman 20 Feet
#8 Scrappy 21 Feet

Long Nine Skins:
#1 Mike Conklin Birdie
#7 Tim Cavanaugh Par

Middle Nine Greenies:
#13 Paul Hammertime Ott 24 Feet
#15 Huey 6 Feet
#17 Tim Breen 18 Feet

Middle Nine Skins:
#16 JR Birdie

Water Nine Greenies:
#19 Bill Carlyon (CARLION) 18 Feet
#20 Jim Cavanaugh 7.5 Feet
#23 Roger Watson 1.5 Feet

Water Nine Skins:
#20 Aflac Birdie (I hit a bomb putt!!!)
#24 Jim Cavanaugh Birdie
Bill Carlyon (CARLION) Birdie

That’s it for this week folks! Again congrats go to our first half champions Jim Cavanaugh and Bill Carlyon (CARLION) and our second half champions Jeff Mason and Adam Kieffer!!!

See you guys next Sunday September 3rd, LABOR DAY!!!


Week #18

Things are tight at the top of the standings!!!! Our second half champion will be decided next week, which will determine who plays for the overall championship against Bill Carlyon and Jim Cavanaugh on September 3rd!

Dont forget to bring your appetite next monday as we will enjoy our second half round robin buffet at the upper deck. We will, again, pass the hat for the servers for all the food and beverages we get for free. $5 is appropriate in my mind, but feel free to give more if you want.
Most everyone has signed up their groups for the league golf outing on September 16th. If you havent, please see me so we can get that finalized.
Quick story from last monday, Hammer pushed his drive to the right on number 6 into the fairway on number 7. I had just hit my ball in the fairway as well, of course I teed off on number 7 though. As I was walking to my ball, I see Hammer waving his arms letting me know he is going to hit. I stopped and said ok, go ahead. He proceeded to launch it directly at my forehead. If it wasnt for my cat like reflexes, I might not be here to fulfill my lofty duties as Prez. Upon meeting Hammer in the fairway, he said he was telling me he was hitting up my fairway you dumbass! First time I ever heard Hammer cuss!!!
Last week’s results:
Long Nine Greenies:
#2 Cotterman 15 Feet
#8 Captain Ron 28 Feet
Long Nine Skins:
#7 Cotterman Birdie
Middle Nine Greenies:
#13 Dan Pearce 15 Feet
#15 Eric Hartline 11 Feet
#17 Mike Wilson 13 Feet
Middle Nine Skins:
#10 Tony Stopar Birdie
#11 Larry Joyner Par
#14 Rod Willis Par
Water Nine Greenies:
#19 Bill Carlyon
#20 Jaws 9 Feet
#23 Bill Carlyon (Bill, ya gotta start marking a distance buddy!)
Water Nine Skins:
#23 Adam Kieffer Par? (Somebody may need to double check that unless Bill 3 putt)
#25 Bill Carlyon Birdie
#26 Bill Carlyon Birdie (I heard Bill shot 32 on the water?)
That’s it for this week, see you monday knuckleheads!


Week #17

Week 17 is in the books, which leaves a few weeks of play to go.
Dont forget that the second half round robin will take place on August 27th and the league championship will be decided on September 3rd, which is Labor Day. While the championship match is being held on the middle nine, the rest of us will play a two man scramble. Instead of skins and greenies, each man will put in $5 and the winning team on each nine will take the cash. You can chose which nine and play against whichever team you would like. We will tally the scores at the Upper Deck afterward and pay out the winnings for each nine accordingly.
Also make sure to sign your foursome up for the league golf outing on Sunday September 16th. We are still looking for volunteers to bring various items for the cookout after the outing.
I also want to give a huge shoutout to Bullhorn, which are one in the same!! He has generated $151 dollars for the league outing by running the weekly fantasy golf. His hard work will help pay for almost five golfers at the league outing. THANKS BULLHORN!
On to last week’s results:
Long Nine Greenies:
#2 Nobody
#8 Charles Neloms 13 Feet
Long Nine Skins:
#1 John Fiant Birdie
#4 Judd Limbach Birdie
Middle Nine Greenies:
#13 JR 9 Feet
#15 Nobody
#17 Jeff Mason 9 Feet
Middle Nine Skins:
#13 JR Birdie
#16 Paul Ott Birdie
#17 Jeff Mason Birdie
Water Nine Greenies
#19 Bill Dexter 14 Feet
#20 Dave Sheck 3 Feet
#23 Aflac! 6 Feet
Water Nine Skins:
#20 Dave Sheck Birdie
#26 Jake Saathoff Birdie (He drove the green!!)
See you all on Monday, have a great weekend knuckleheads!

Week #16

#2 RICH 14′


#15 JOE LEVY 30′
#17 JOE LEVY 24′



Week #15

A couple quick notes before the results:

1. If you are the first group out, make sure to leave the greenie markers on the par 3 whether you hit it or not. If you do hit it, make sure to write your name and distance.
2. Sunday September 16th is our golf outing at Ridge Top. Shotgun Start is usually 930 am, but plan to be there early for the bloody mary ritual and review of the rules/games. We are close to this outing being free to our full time members, however, to make the outing a rousing success, we will need help with the following items: donuts for the morning, baked beans, salad, potato salad, buns, condiments, pop, water, plates, napkins and plasticware. I will bring a signup sheet on August 13th, for everyone to sign up for what they can bring. We are also in need of more prizes such as, golf balls, hats, gloves, etc. There will also be a foursome signup sheet available for you to sign up to play with whomever you like assuming anyone likes you!!!
Long Nine Greenies
#2 Mike Medford 28 Feet
#8 Chuck Anitbus 13 Feet
Long Nine Skins – None
Middle Nine Greenies
#13 Mark Brunoni 24 Feet
#15 Dave Sheck 15 Feet
#17 Bill Carlyon 5 Feet
Middle Nine Skins
#11 Bill Carlyon Par
#12 Dave Sheck Birdie
Water Nine Greenies
#19 Huey 7 Feet
#20 Jeff Noble 13 Feet
#23 Scrappy 9 Feet
Water Nine Skins
#23 Scrappy Birdie
#25 Jeff Noble Birdie
#27 Tim Breen Eagle
Big thanks goes to Scrappy (although he doesnt have email and wont see this) for drumming up $250 in 50/50 tickets. $125 to the winner and $125 to the league. Nights like this will ensure that the league golf outing is free, so make sure to participate!
I am on vacation next week, but I will see everyone on August 13th!

Week #13

Sorry for not sending last week’s recap, time flies when you’re having fun!!!!

We need more picture for our website, feel free to take some action photos next monday during play so we can post them. You can text them to me, Huey or Eric.
Last week’s results:
Long Nine Greenies
#2 Larry Joyner
#8 John Fiant
Long Nine Skins
#3 Tim Breen Birdie
#4 Scrappy Birdie
Middle Nine Greenies
#13 Adam Kieffer 30 Feet
#15 Roger Watson 2.5 Feet
#17 Eric Hartline 40 Feet
Middle Nine Skins
#10 Jeff Mason Birdie
#15 Roger Watson Birdie
#16 Mike Wilson Birdie
#18 Mike Hennon Par
Water Nine Greenies
#19 Mike Medford 21 Feet
#20 Chuck Antibus 1 Foot
#23 Jeff Houck 12 Feet
Water Nine Skins 
Shane Hippli should have won a skin for his birdie on #22, but he decided not to participate and all the skin money goes to…
#25 Ron Burkett Birdie
Have a great weekend and see you all next Monday!

Week #12

The standings have been updated, make sure you check out the website to see how your team is doing!

Last week’s results:

Long Nine Greenies
#2 Adam Kieffer
#8 Roger Watson
Long Nine Skins
#1 Roger Watson Birdie
#6 Jeff Mason Birdie
#7 Roger Watson Par
Middle Nine Greenies
#13 Bullhorn 11 Feet
#15 Steve Wilson
#17 Cookie 10 Feet
Middle Nine Skins
#10 Mike Wilson Birdie
#12 Mike Wilson Birdie
#13 Aflac Birdie
Water Nine Greenies
#19 Scrappy 42 Feet
#20 Rich Householder 22 Feet
#23 Scrappy 4 Feet
Water Nine Skins
#23 Scrappy Birdie
#24 Jeff Houck Birdie
#27 Dave Sheck Birdie
See you all next Monday!!

Week #11

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July and still has all their digits in tact!!!

I want to give a HUGE shoutout to our rain committee for making the decision to play last Monday. It was pouring rain up until our first teetimes. Once we teed off, there wasnt a drop of rain the entire night. Thanks to Gene Woods, Roger Watson and John ‘Cookie’ Theodore for making a tough decision, which allowed us to avoid losing a week of play! I also heard that Dan Makara and his storm chasing experience played a part in the decision too, so thanks to Dan as well!! On to last week’s results…
Long Nine Greenies
#2 Tim Cavanaugh
#8 Tim Cavanaugh
Long Nine Skins
#1 Brett Mansdorf Birdie
#3 Benny James Par (Aflac has your money)
#4 Larry Joyner Birdie
#7 Benny James Par (Aflac has your money)
Middle Nine Greenies
#13 Roger Watson 30 Feet (Aflac has your money)
#15 Adam Kieffer 16 Feet (Aflac has your money)
#17 Adam Kieffer 11 Feet (Aflac has your money)
Middle Nine Skins
#10 JR Birdie
#11 Roger Watson Birdie (Aflac has your money)
#16 Huey Huey Birdie
#17 Mike Cotterman Birdie
Water Nine Greenies
#20 Cookie 20 Feet
#23 Mike Wilson 9 Feet
Water Nine Skins
#22 Aflac Birdie
#26 Jack Durante Birdie
#27 Bullhorn Eagle
See everyone next Monday!


Another great night for golf, the weather was perfect and we crowned our First Half Champions!!!!

Congratulations to Jim Cavanaugh and Bill Carlyon! Not sure they played Jake and I but we can let that slide…

HUGE thanks to Lisa and her staff at the Upper Deck for providing another amazing spread for us!!!! $136 was raised as a tip from the league members!

On to Mondays results:

Long Nine Greenies
#2 Adam Kieffer
#8 Jeff Mason
Long Nine Skins
#6 Huey Par
#7 Dave Sheck Birdie
Middle Nine Greenies
#13 Scrappy
#15 Roger Watson
#17 Jake Saathoff
Middle Nine Skins
#10 Rocky Conklin Birdie
#11 Bullhorn Birdie
#15 Roger Watson Birdie
Water Nine Greenies
#20 Jack Durante
#23 Rich Householder
Water Nine Skins
#20 Rich Householder Par
#24 Dan Makara Birdie
#25 Tim Breen Birdie (Aflac has your money)
As mentioned during the announcements on Monday, we are instituting a double par rule starting with next monday night July 2nd. If you get to double par on any hole, pick up and move along to the next.
Thanks for a great first half to the season and good luck to everyone in the second half!

Week #8

Hello Summer! Hope you all enjoyed the heat last Monday.

Next Monday, June 25th is our Mid-Year Round Robin. Make sure to check the schedule as your standings dictate which nine you play. Make sure to visit the Upper Deck afterward to enjoy the buffet, Lisa and her staff never cease to amaze us!
Also, as noted on the website, handicaps were updated for last week’s play since we now have seven weeks of scores entered. Yours may have gone up or down, but you will still play the same tees that you have been playing all year.
If you are interested in donating any prizes for the league outing (Sunday September 16th) please see Myself, Huey, Eric or JR.
Long Nine Greenies
#2 Shane Hippli (Aflac has your money)
#8 Dave Sheck 40 Feet
Long Nine Skins
#5 Mike Wilson Birdie
#8 Steve Wilson Par
Nice job Wilson Brothers!
Middle Nine Greenies
#13 Judd Barely On (Aflac has your money)
#15 Nobody Hit
#17 Charles Neloms 15 Feet (Aflac has your money)
Middle Nine Skins
#10 Jaymee Hooshangi Birdie
#13 Judd Par (Aflac has your money)
#16 Jake Saathoff Birdie
Water Nine Greenies
#19 Rocky Conklin 35 Feet
#20 Bill Carlyon
#23 Jim Cavanaugh 19Feet
Water Nine Skins
#24 Bill Carlyon Birdie
#25 Roger Watson Birdie (Aflac has your money)
Thanks to Bullhorn for generating $56 toward the League Outing (Sunday September 16th). Unfortunately, nobody picked Brooks Koepka as this year’s US Open winner.
See you knuckleheads next Monday for the Round Robin and some fabulous eats!

Week #7

Greenies & Skins
Long Nine Greenies
#2 Mike Medford  25 Feet
#8 Nobody Hit

Long Nine Skins
#5 Jake Saathoff Birdie
#6 Jake Saathoff Birdie
Middle Nine Greenies
#13 Steve Wilson 8 Feet
#15 Nobody Hit
#17 Adam Kieffer 6 Ft
Middle Nine Skins
#10 Dave Sheck Eagle
#11 Jim Cavanaugh Birdie
#13 Bill Carlyon Birdie
Water Nine Greenies
#19 Huey 3 Feet
#20 John Fiant 8 Feet
#23 Benny James 12 Feet
Water Nine Skins
#19 JR Birdie
#20 Scrappy Birdie
#21 JR Birdie
#22 Hippli Birdie
#23 Tim Breen Birdie
#24 Scrap Birdie
#27 Huey Birdie
Dont forget that our mid year banquet is on June 25th! Lots of free food and drink available at the deck!!!
Also, our golf outing is scheduled for Sunday September 16th at Ridge Top.

See you all on Monday!

Week #6

What a gloriously beautiful night for golf yesterday!!!! The temperatures were perfect, the course was in nice shape and then BAM my golf swing ruined everything!

In an effort to further help speed play up, there is discussion of invoking a double par rule. That means the worst you can get on a par 3 is 6, a par 4 would be an 8 and so on. If you find yourself at double par, please pick up and move onto the next hole. We are targeting July 2nd, the start of the second half of the season, for this rule to be in force.
June 25th is our first half round robin event. If you newbies take a look at the schedule, you play based on your overall standings for the first half. The teams in 1st place through 8th place will play on the middle 9. 1st place team plays 2nd place team, 3rd place plays 4th place and you can figure the rest out. 9th place through 16th place will play on the long 9 and the rest will play on the water nine. Feel free to gather around the 18th hole to watch the winners finish and see who will be crowned the first half champion! The festivities will conclude with beer and a buffet at the upper deck, which has been spectacular in the past. Lisa and her staff put in a lot of hard work for this so make sure to bring some extra cash to tip the waitstaff. As we have in the past, we will pass the hat around to collect for our generous sponsors and the outpouring of food and drink they provide for our league!
On to last night’s results…
Long Nine Greenies
#2 Nobody
#8 Scrap 36 Feet
Long Nine Skins
#1 Rich Hinote(sub) Birdie
#2 Scrap Birdie
Middle Nine Greenies
#13 Hippli (not sure if it was John or Shane) No Distance Marked
#15 Cotterman No Distance Marked
#17 Roger Watson No Distance Marked
Middle Nine Skins
#16 Huey Birdie
#18 JR Birdie
Water Nine Greenies
#19 Dave Sheck 10 Feet
#20 Bob Rich 15 Feet
#23 Sonny Rich 3 Feet
Water Nine Skins
#23 Sonny Birdie
#26 Jake Saathoff Birdie
Make sure you get your picks into Bullhorn for the US Open, which starts June 14th at Shinnecock…I heard that course is LONGGGGGG!!!
See you Yahoos next Monday!

Week #5

Hello All! First and foremost, dont forget that we do not golf this Monday May 28th for the Memorial Day Holiday

Greenies and Skins Results:

Long Nine Greenies
#8 Craig Bryant 14 Feet
Long Nine Skins
#7 Roger Watson Birdie
Middle Nine Greenies
#13 Rich Householder 16 Feet
#15 Alex Ristich 10 Feet
#17 Jaymee Hooshangi 7 Feet
Middle Nine Skins
#13 Rich Houeholder Par
#18 Bill Carlyon Par
Water Nine Greenies
#19 Mike Conklin 12 Feet
#20 John Theodore 9 Feet
#23 Mike Conklin 4 Feet
Water Nine Skins
#19 Mike Conklin Birdie
#25 Benny James Par
See everyone on June 4th. Have a great Holiday Weekend!

Week #4

4 weeks in a row! Let’s keep it rolling mother f’n nature!!!

Quick shout out to Bullhorn…his fantasy golf challenge generated $35 toward the league fund for our year end outing on September 16th!!! Make sure to contact him next week if you want in on the Memorial Tournament and/or the US Women’s Open. Both start on May 31st. Thanks Bullhorn!
Our 50/50 winner of $80 last night was none other than Alex Ristich, twice in four weeks, that man must have a horseshoe up his arse!!!

Greenies and Skins Results

Long Nine Greenies:
#2 Know Bawdy
#8 Steve Wilson-heard he muscled it to 11 Feet with his driver
Long Nine Skins:
#3 Tim Breen Par
#4 Steve Kormushoff Birdie
#5 Jeff Mason Birdie-apparently his drive almost went in the hole, he then missed the eagle putt
#7 Jeff Mason Birdie
Middle Nine Greenies:
#13 Know Bawdy
#15 John Fiant 3 Feet
#17 Tom LaFaire 27 Feet
Middle Nine Skins:
#12 Bullhorn Par
#18 Bob Rich Par
Water Nine Greenies:
#19 Huey 15 Feet
#20 Bill Carlyon 21 Feet
#23 JR 2 Feet
Water Nine Skins:
#23 JR Birdie
#27 Huey Eagle
If you arent able to play next week, make sure you secure a replacement from the sublist on the website and let Huey know so he can prepare the scorecard.
That’s it for this week….Adios Amigos!!

Week #3

I apologize for this tardiness of this email as well as anyone who didn’t get last week’s update.

Don’t forget to keep the pace of play moving….
Also, we are still in need of one full time member to replace JJ Martell. If anyone knows someone who is interested please let me know.
Make sure to get with Bullhorn in the next couple weeks to get your picks in for the Memorial Tournament and the US Women’s Open. This is a fantasy style format with 50% of the pot going to winner and the other 50% to the league.
Paul “Hammertime” Ott has expressed interest in reviving the cornhole tournament. Let me know if you are interested…we use a bracket style format to track progress and play throughout the year until the winner is determined. Again, 50% to the winning team and 50% to the league.
Last week’s results
Long Nine Greenies:
#2 Dan Makara 9 Feet
#8 Bill Dexter 30 Feet
Long Nine Skins:
#1 Paul Ott Par
#3 Paul Ott Birdie
Middle Nine Greenies:
#13 Eric Hennon 3 Feet
#17 JR 27 Feet
Middle Nine Skins:
#10 JR Birdie
#15 Rocky Par
#16 Rocky Birdie
#18 Huey Par
Water Nine Greenies:
#20 Steve Wilson 11 nipples
#23 Tim Breen 15 Feet
Water Nine Skins:
#19 Bullhorn Par
#23 Tim Breen Birdie
#24 Tim Breen Birdie
#25 Jeff Mason Birdie
#26 Bob Rich Par

Week #2

Two weeks in a row, how about that boys!!!!

Before I get to the skins and greenies from Monday, I need to remind all players to keep the pace of play going. Keep the following in mind:
1. Play ready golf while being respectful of the player who is taking their shot. Get your yardage and club selection taken care of so you are ready to hit as soon as possible.
2. Dont forget about our league ‘gimmie’ rule. If the ball is within a couple feet of the hole and your competitor agrees, pick it up and move to the next hole. Normally, an eagle, birdie or par putt should be holed out, but if you are putting for bogey or worse, let your competitor know its good and move on.
Long Nine Greenies:
#2 Nobody hit
#8 Roger Watson 7 ft 3 in
Long Nine Skins:
#8 Tim Breen – Birdie
#9 Huey – Birdie
Middle Nine Greenies:
#13 John Hippli 3 Feet
#15 Jeff Noble 11 Feet
#17 Jim Jaws Cavanaugh 24 Feet
Middle Nine Skins:
#12 Bill Carlyon – Par
#14 Mike Wilson – Birdie
Water Nine Greenies:
#19 Nobody Hit
#20 John Fiant 17 Feet
#23 Jack Durante 9 Feet
Water Nine Skins:
#19 Dan Makara – Par
#27 Mike Rocky Conklin – Birdie
Last Monday, I was made aware of the fact that JJ Martell decided not to play in the league this year. If anyone knows of a player who can commit full time let me know.
I believe bullhorn won the 50/50 prize of $70. What happened to the rule that the 50/50 winner buys the prez a drink?!?!?!
I hear our old pal and past president, Ed Arment, played golf today, good to hear his recovery is going well. Hopefully he can join us at the deck sometime soon!!!

See you guys next monday as the forecast looks nice!!

Week 1

Good Evening Gents!

Mother nature finally cooperated allowing us to officially start our stupendous golf league!
Here is a recap of the events from monday night:
Greenies and Skins
Water Nine
Greenies #19 nobody hit, #20 Steve Wilson 2 inches (30 Nipplehairs as he states), #23 Rich Householder 10 Feet
Skins #23 Rich Householder Birdie, #24 Bob Rich Birdie
Middle Nine
Greenies #13 Nobody hit, #15 Nobody hit, #17 Chuck Antibus no distance marked (Cmon Chuck!)
Skins #10 Scrap Birdie, #11 Huey Par, #13 Dave Sheck Par, #17 Chuck Anitbus Birdie, #18 Huey Par
Long Nine
Greenies  #2 Nobody hit, #8 Tim Cavanaugh 8 Feet
Skins #2 Paul Ott Par, #3 Bill Carlyon Par, #9 Shane Hippli Par
If you havent paid your $320 league dues, please see me next week!
Also, if you need a sub, please use the sublist on our website www.upperdeckgolf.com and make sure you let Huey (Jeff Basinger) know ahead of time so he can prepare the scorecard accordingly.
One of our new members, Jeff Mason, had a great story about his third shot on #18, which proceeded to bounce onto 619 and into the back of the bed of a pickup truck!!! Unfortunately, the truck was headed east on 619, thereby, hauling his ball in the wrong direction. Better luck next time Jeff!
Dont forget that we normally do a 50/50 drawing at the UpperDeck after golf. Tickets are $5 each and the payout to the winner has reached the $150 mark in the past. The other 50% of the pot goes to the league fund to help defray the cost of the league outing, which, by the way, is scheduled for Sunday September 16th at Ridgetop Golf Course. We highly encourage you to patronize the UpperDeck after play as they give us some great deals on drinks and food and participate in the 50/50 drawing to help support the league outing. The winning ticket is usually drawn at 9 pm by some hot chick of Jake Saathoff’s choosing. In recent years, the outing has been free for us as we generated enough money to pay for it entirely. my goal is to do the same this year!
There were a few questions about not being able to play the first three weeks of the season. Turkeyfoot has worked with us and allowed us to extend our season. The proposal is that we play the league championship on September 3rd, Labor Day, instead of August 27th. They are also going to allow us to play on September 10th as a makeup date.
See you hoseheads next monday! Hopefully there will be some exciting Browns draft news to discuss!
Here’s to hoping Mother Nature doesnt piss on us the rest of the season!!!
Jaymee Hooshangi/Aflac/President/Treasurer…..just call me slash!